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Every Advantage over Conventional Masonry

BrickWal™ gives you the look of traditional masonry with out the hassle of expensive lintels, heavy foundations and structural supports.  Why?  Because BrickWal™ weighs only 8 lbs. per square foot when used as individual panels.  BrickWal™ panels increase building income and reduce maintenance expense.  BrickWal™ panels are significantly thinner which allows for more usable floor space.  Also the potential maintenance problems of moisture penetrating through the wall or unsightly appearance of white stains caused by efflorescence are forever eliminated.  BrickWal™ from Fullerton Finish Systems gives all of the advantages and more.

Strength Advantages

BrickWal™ gives you a richer look than traditional masonry.  The color-coordinated mortar of each panel emphasizes the beauty and distinction of kiln fired brick.  Severe weather grade brick (TBX) also prevents the occurrence of brick spalling.  It has been designed, engineered and proven by the test of time.


Attractive Advantages

BrickWal™ comes in a variety of colors and textures in a sanded rake joint design and can be applied in any pattern you can imagine.  Architectural distinction can be accomplished by incorporating other products from Fullerton Finish Systems on the same panel.  These accents my be cast concrete sills, bull-nose copings, quoins and accent bands of crushed granite, marble or stucco.  It's your choice.  It's freedom to design.  It's BrickWal™.

Time Saving Advantages

The Choice is easy.  So is the installation.  It allows you to reduce construction time and stay on schedule.  An "average" five man installation crew can install as much as 1,100 square feet of wall area in a single day, while the same number of masons can only lay approximately 450 square feet of brick.  With time savings as great as these, it's time to give Fullerton Finish Systems a call.

Technical Documents

Completed BrickWal™ Project Photos

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