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Environmental & Community Outreach

FFS is committed to being a strong community partner, through environmental sustainability as well as volunteering to make our local communities better.  We accomplish this through a dedicated approach to the following:

Lumber - Our goal of preserving forestry starts by optimizing all cuts of wood, by pre-engineering exact sizes, quantities, and layouts, reducing additional cuts and drops.  The result is significantly less waste, which supports forest preservation.

Recycle / Re-usable Materials - Materials for shipping, including bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and shipping pallets are reused multiple times.  FFS builds and refurbishes our own custom pallets to eliminate waste and support forest preservation.  Any material that is past its reusable state is recycled at our local recycling plant.

Logistics Planning - We package our exterior veneer wall panels to maximize our shipping capacity and minimize the number of shipments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, maximize deliveries and reduce energy.  Our process ensures that we optimize multiple packages shipped to the same geographic area are coordinated on to a single truck.

Volunteer Activities - FFS sponsors activities throughout the Tulsa area, including mentoring the next generation through STEM enrichment programs, and we look forward to adding some of those kids to our ranks.  Additionally, FFS participates in a number of local Chamber of Commerce, effectively putting faces with names to the communities we serve.

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