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Fullerton Philosophy

Mission Statement

To eliminate 70% of masonry time through the manufacturing of fully finished exterior veneer wall panels using thin brick, stucco, crushed stone, cast polymer concrete and cultured stone materials.

What We Do

We manufacture custom built exterior veneer wall panels, designed and engineered in our climate-controlled manufacturing facility.

Our Core Values

At Fullerton, we have core values that drive our daily operations and communication, internally and externally.

  • Family First - We believe that our team members produce superior results for our customers when they live a balanced work/personal life.

  • Transparency and Candor - In today's high paced world, there is no time for ambiguity or lack of clarity.  We pride ourselves on communication that is transparent, honest and straight.

  • Passion and Humility - The passion to delight our customers through speed and quality, and the humility to understand how much we have to learn to improved, evolve and innovate.

  • Laughing is Required- We take our work seriously, but understand that the optimal culture blends hard work with humor.  Never fear laughing at yourself.

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