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Masonry Benefit Without the Masonry Hassles

CastWal™ is a beautiful and durable molded product of polymer modified cement.  It is available in a split-face block pattern.  Tough, impact-resistant and totally water resistant, CastWal™ requires no costly re-sealing or moisture-proofing.  Our special formulation eliminates efflorescence and there is no mortar to fail.  With factory-finished CastWal™ products, you can always count on consistent, top-to-bottom, wall-to-wall quality.

The Fullerton Finish Systems Advantage

  • No costly footings, foundations or special supports.

  • Eliminates all but a fraction of the weight of old-fashioned masonry.

  • Thinner exterior walls means more useable space for the building interior.

  • Tough, impact resistant and totally water resistant - requires no costly re-sealing or moisture-proofing.

  • Through body color in white, tan or grey.

  • Our special formulation eliminates efflorescence - and no mortar to fail.

  • Consistent top-to-bottom, wall-to-wall quality.

  • Easy and quick installation by your crew - quicker project completion.

  • Available in 8" x 16" Running Bond design.

  • No specialty subcontractors are required.

  • Factory finished in a color of your choice.

  • 5-Year Warranty.


Easy, Fast-Track Construction in any Weather

CastWal™ installation is easily handled by your regular construction crew, using standard construction methods.  Best of all CastWal™ installation is fast and weatherproof.  While cold, snow or rain all too often call a halt to old-fashioned masonry, CastWal™ can be installed in almost any weather, and in a fraction of the time of traditional masonry construction.  CastWal™ is perfect for new construction and retrofit projects.


The Fullerton Finish Systems Advantage...


Choose from four standard CastWal™ patterns.  This product is available in 4'x8' sheets and is easily installed without masonry.  Re-clad your existing locations for a cleaner & updated look.

Technical Documents

Completed CastWal™ Project Photos

Pattern Options:

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