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The FFS Story

Fullerton Companies is a 3rd generation, family-owned company that has its roots in the lumber yard business, before evolving into both residential and commercial construction, and ultimately landing in custom pre-fabrication exterior wall finishes.  Fullerton Finish Systems (FFS) was acquired by Fullerton Companies in 2005, with the vision of expanding its unique exterior wall finishes of BrickWal, EnduraWal, WalStone, CastWal and cultured stone wall panels to a national footprint, and re-engineering the process and quality of these exterior walls.  A top priority was the goal of reducing construction site masonry time by up to 70%.

Today, you can see FFS exterior wall finishes on many of the most recognizable brands in the United States, including restaurants, banks, retail stores, car washes, health and dental clinics.  FFS has nationwide coverage, including Alaska.  Using an overbuilt, engineered and smart construction process ensures that quality doesn't take a back seat to speed.  No change orders, shorter masonry time at construction site, control of project costs, minimized labor shortages and minimized on-site safety risks.

FFS prides itself on being an honest and reliable partner to corporate construction teams, franchisees, modular construction, developers, general contractors and architects, making the masonry process less complex and streamlined.

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